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Film & Television

WAKA Morning Show                               Future Forecaster                  WAKA News,Montgomery   



Annie                                                         July                               Alabama Shakespeare Festival 




The Best Christmas Pageant Ever               Imogene Herdman               Prattville Way Off Broadway Theatre

The Bold, The Young, And The Murdered  Danielle/Jessica                     Prattville Jr. High School

A Charlie Brown Christmas                          Frieda                                      Prattville Way Off Broadway Theatre

The Diary of Anne Frank                              Anne Frank (Understudy)     Millbrook Community Players

The Music Man                                              Gracie Shinn                           Millbrook Community Players

First Annual Achadamee Awards               Sandy/Cathy/Jamie                Prattville Jr. High School

Peter/Wendy                                                 Tiger Lily                                   River Region Children’s Theatre

To Kill a Mockingbird                                    Jean Louise (Scout) Finch      Prattville Way Off Broadway Theatre

A Laura Ingalls Wilder Christmas               Laura Ingalls                            Prattville Way Off Broadway Theatre

A Mouse and A Manger                               Ruby                                          Prattville Way Off Broadway Theater

Fairy Tale Christmas                                     Red Riding Hood                     Millbrook Community Players

Special Skills

Dance: Tumbling, Competitive Cheer- National Championship Team, Award Winning Gymnast 

Voice: Range: E3 – C5; Belt D4, Sing Part (A cappella, Accompanied), Regular Soloist at Heritage Baptist Church, Prattville

Instruments: Piano, Award Winning Flute Player

Other: Swimming, Cooking, Wake Boarding, Flexibility (Splits), Award Winning Cross Country Runner


1stPlaceDuo Acting at the Alabama Conference of Theatre- Youth Theatre Festival- 2018

Acting Training: Way Off Broadway Acting Camp (2 Years), Wetumpka Depot Players (1 Year), Alabama Shakespeare Festival (1 Year)

Piano Training:  Daniel Grant Harms (4 Years)

Voice Training:  Daniel Grant Harms (4 Years)

Dance Training: Tap, Ballet, Jazz, Tumbling (1 year)

Top Talent Management

50 Frazier Ave #300

Chattanooga, TN 37405

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