Age: 14 | Height: 5' | Weight: 108 lbs

Chest: 35" | Waist: 31" | Hips: 36

Dress: | Shoe: 5.5

Hair color: Brown | Eye color: Brown

Ethnicity: White

Professional Experience

Dollywood                 Grace Baxter              T'was the Night Before Christmas (2015)

Dollywood                 Sarah                           O Holy Night (2016)


Avengers: Infinity War         Photo Double                                  

Darkest Minds                      Concentration Camp child

Theatre Performances

Nala                             Lion King Jr                                     Closed Door Entertainment

Alice                             Alice in Wonderland Jr                 Closed Door Entertainment

Pepper                        Annie Jr.                                          Closed Door Entertainment

Fanny                          Mary Poppins                                Closed Door Entertainment

Narrator 3                  Beauty and the Beast Jr               Closed Door Entertainment

Jill Thayer                   Titanic, the Musical                       Closed Door Entertainment

Queen Koo-Koo        Raggedy Ann & Andy                    Chattanooga Theatre Center

Television Appearances

Parade child              March Cherry/Reba McEntire Pilot         

Ecgfrida                      Knights End                                                   

School child               Sleepy Hollow                                             

Park child                   Devious Maids        

Student                      Stranger Things – Season 2

Student                      Manhunt – Discovery Channel                 


Chattanooga Fashion Week                      Runway

Chatter Magazine                                       Back to School Edition               2015


Vocal coach – Emily Selleck                                 Acting coach –JC Smith

Dance – Infinity Dance Connection

Scene Study Coach Zane Stephens


Singing                      Tap                 Jazz                Ballet              Level 1 Gymnastics

Top Talent Management

50 Frazier Ave #300

Chattanooga, TN 37405

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