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Height: 5' 8" | Weight: 239 

Chest: 52" | Waist: 42"

Pants: 42 | Shirt: XXL | Shoe: 10.5

Hair color: Salt & Pepper | Eye color: Hazel/Green

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Selected Film & Television

Crime Squad                                                              Actor (Pre- production)                   Roy Garton               

Pusher                                                                         Actor (In production)                      Andi Morrow 

Six Hours                                                                     Actor (In production)                      Devin T. Robinson

Atlanta Homicide                                                       Co-Star                                               Jupiter Entertainment

Storms of Suspicion                                                  Actor                                                   Jupiter Entertainment

Killer Couples                                                             Actor                                                   Jupiter Entertainment

Murder Calls                                                               Actor                                                   Jupiter Entertainment

Homicide Hunter                                                       Actor                                                   Jupiter Entertainment

Snapped                                                                      Actor                                                   Jupiter Entertainment 

Dying to Belong                                                          Actor                                                   Jupiter Entertainment 

Selected Theatre

Crucible                                                                      Rev. Hale                                            Obrien Theater

1940’s Radio Show                                                    Clifton                                                 Obrien Theater

Drunkard                                                                    Cribbs                                                 Obrien Theater

Anne of Green Gables Musical                               Postman/Ensemble                          CCP Productions

Fiddler on the Roof                                                  Tevye                                                   Community Center Arts

Our Town                                                                   Stage Manager/Principal                 Community Center Arts                                              


Tennessee Tech University, Undergrad: English, Communications, and Theater

University of Tennessee Knoxville: One Additional year acting study 

Amy Jo Berman Coaching/Acting Courses/ Former Casting Director HBO

Unstoppable Actor                                                      Amy Jo Berman

Audition No-No’s                                                         Amy Jo Berman                                 

Audition Fast Fix                                                          Amy Jo Berman                                                           

Unstoppable Co-Star                                                  Amy Jo Berman           

Audition Magnet                                                         Amy Jo Berman 

Special Skills

Vocals: Singer/Songwriter(Baritone, Tenor)

Accents: Studied “American Tongues” in communications, comfortable with most US accents

Special Talents: Public Speaking (speak nationally and internationally), blogger for larger mainstream sites, Disability expert and consultant (highlighted in Film Daily for views on Disability in Film), former school teacher, principal and dean, current university admin and professor, hold doctorate in education, former US Congressional Staffer (federal not campaign), produce and host two podcasts

Top Talent Management

50 Frazier Ave #300

Chattanooga, TN 37405

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