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Height: 4' 2" | Weight: 55 lbs

Chest: 23.5" | Waist: 21" | Hips: 25"  

Dress: 7/Small | Shirt: 7/Small | Shoe: 13

Hair color: Brown | Hair length: Long | Eye color: Blue

Ethnicity: White 



Selected Television & Film

Perception                                                             Extra                                           Paxx33 Productions

My Husband’s Wife aka Already Married         Extra                                           Stargazer Films

Nashville                                                                Features Extra                           CMT

Selected Theatre

Cinderella                                          Pumpkin                                      Missoula Childrens Theatre

Pinnochio                                          Baby Doll                                     Missoula Childrens Theatre

Peter and Wendy                             Cloud                                            Missoula Children’s Theatre

Gullivers Travels in space               Lilliputian                                     Missoula Children’s Theatre

Music Video

“Mother” By Kacey Musgraves         Young Kacey

Special Skills

Sports: Soccer, Swimming, Skating, Biking, Cheerleading, Tumbling

Tumbling Skills: Backhandsprings, Round off tuck, Bakchandspring Whip, Layout


Abigail has been praised on set for her professionalism at a young age and her ability to follow directions and take direction. 

Top Talent Management

50 Frazier Ave #300

Chattanooga, TN 37405

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