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Height: 5' 7" | Weight: 180 lbs 

Chest: 36" | Waist: 36"

Dress: 12-14 

Hair color: Dark Brown |Hair length: Medium |Eye color: Dark Brown

Ethnicity: African American




Extra-Basketball Fan                           Daddy’s Home                       New Orleans, LA 2015

Extra-Background Dance                   Selfless                                    New Orleans, LA 2014

Extra-Church scene                             Free In Deed                          Memphis, TN 2014


Indie Acting 

            Meisner Workshop – Tennessee Moore

            Advanced Character Development – John Boyd West          Memphis, TN 2018


Cali Acting

            Audition Workshop – Rick Landry                                        New Orleans, LA 2013

            Audition Workshop on Video – Teri Begin                           Baton Rouge, LA 2013

            Audition and Scene Study – Kendra Patterson                       Baton Rouge, LA 2013


Storm Agency

            Acting Workshop                                                                   New Orleans, LA 2012

Special Skills

Outgoing Personality, Educated, Intelligent, Sensitive, Empathetic, Classy, and Serious 

Corporate Work Experience: Drafter, Instructor/Teacher, Quality Auditor

Top Talent Management

50 Frazier Ave #300

Chattanooga, TN 37405

To Book or Inquire


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