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Age: 52  |  Height: 6' 1" | Weight: 200 lbs

Hair color: Blonde | Eye color: Blue

Pant: Large  |  Shirt: L  |  Neck: 17

Selected Film & Television

LBJ                                                                                Actor                                                   Rob Reiner

Logan Lucky                                                               Actor                                                   Steven Soderbergh

Billionaire Boys Club                                                 Actor                                                   James Cox

Camera Store                                                             Actor                                                   Scott Marshall Smith

Help                                                                             Lead                                                    Shakirah Abdul-Rashid

Disturbance Call                                                        Supporting                                         Brandon Johantges

Chains                                                                         Supporting                                         Deveney Marshall

No Twist Endings                                                       Lead                                                    Jordan Hale

Silent Service                                                              Actor                                                   Sy Cody White

NCIS: New Orleans                                                    Actor                                                   CBS

Turn: Washington’s Spies                                         Actor                                                   AMC

Nashville                                                                     Actor                                                   ABC/CMT

Fatal Attraction (Ep 625)                                          Supporting                                         TV One

Street Justice: The Bronx (Ep 104)                         Supporting                                         Invest. Discovery

Mysteries at the Museum (Ep 1704)                     Supporting                                         Travel Channel

Queen Sugar                                                             Stand In                                              OWN

Still the King                                                              Actor                                                   CMT

Roots (Part 4)                                                            Actor                                                   History Channel

Selected Web Series

Kingdom Heights                                                      Supporting                                         Henderson Maddox


Indie Acting Studio

Scene Study (Multiple classes)                                            Forrest Pruett

Acting Enhancement Workshop                                          Jeremy London

The Actor’s School

Acting for the Camera (Multiple classes)                           Alan Dysert

Scene Study Workshop                                                        Brad Wilson

Scene Study Workshop                                                        Ricki Maslar

Film Acting Workshop                                                          Holly Allen

Moore Casting

Mastering the Audition Workshop (Multiple)                   Regina Moore

Special Skills

Firearms instructor, Emergency Vehicle Operator Course instructor, Navy Anti-Terrorism instructor, Non-Lethal Weapons instructor, Navy Veteran, police officer, certified EMT, restaurant line cook.

Top Talent Management

50 Frazier Ave #300

Chattanooga, TN 37405

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